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Software Asset Management

Met Snow optimaliseren duizenden organisaties softwarelicenties en besparen zij kosten door softwareverbruik te beheren op alle apparaten en platforms 


Van mobiel tot desktop, van datacenter tot cloud



Snow License Manager helpt organisaties bij het beheer van softwarelicenties van alle grote leveranciers en platforms

Enterprise Licenties


Met Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software kunt u één van de grootste softwarekostenposten van de onderneming beter beheren

Online Webinar (in Englisch)

SAP Indirect Usage kost veel meer dan u denkt

Voorkom hoge audit boetes door licentieveranderingen.


feb 9, 2017

Lego or Playmobil – choose your SAM approach

The thing with Software Asset Management is that no organization invests in it for fun. And most are on a strict timeline. Usually there is either a compelling event such as a renewal or audit, or there has been a lightbulb moment that the organization simply can’t continue spending blindly on software and licenses.

feb 3, 2017

SAP Halts Activity on Indirect Usage

Almost as soon as Snow’s SAP blog on the challenges of SAP licensing was published, this week SAP has announced it they will cease “sales activities” related to NetWeaver Foundation for 3rd-Party Products. For the time-being this is good news for SAP customers as they will no longer be liable for charge against a particular category of Indirect Usage, namely when using SAP-integrated add-ons via the NetWeaver platform.


Bedrijven over de hele wereld kiezen Snow voor SAM en het optimalisering van softwarelicenties: