Software Harvesting

Remove licenses automatically, and reassign or retire them to optimize your software estate

“Software is a significant investment for organizations of all sizes and across all sectors and industries (21% of IT spend in 2014), and overall global expenditure on software is set to increase (up 6.4% from 2013 through 2018),” says Gartner *.

There are many scenarios why an organization may have too much software, they include:

  • over-purchasing due to lack of controls or badly managed procurement
  • forgotten VMs for which software is still assigned
  • projects which have been completed where an application was only needed for a fixed period
  • licenses issued to users who have changed roles or left the company
  • software that’s on devices that have been decommissioned
  • the list goes on…

Whatever the reason, there’s up to a third of software deployed that could be reclaimed and either removed completely or reassigned to other users that need it, hence avoiding the unnecessary purchase of new licenses.

That's software harvesting.

Ensure that SAM processes are in place to provide the necessary usage intelligence and make spare licenses available. Removing unused applications ensures the business has its costs optimized, as freed-up licenses can be pooled for future use. This removes overspend on licenses and IT costs are reduced through automation.

Use Snow’s SAM Platform to:

  • Identify Unused Software
    Full visibility of unused software assets provides the ability to uninstall licensens.
  • Automate Software Removal
    Automates removal of applications that are not used as well as those that are installed for a time-limited period, no matter if they are used or not.
  • Create a user-initiated uninstall process
    Enables users to take action and uninstall software they no longer need.
  • Pool licenses for reuse
    Makes reclaimed licenses available via an app store so ​you can manage the approvals and availability. Procurement requests only become necessary if no licenses are available for reuse.
  • Involve users in software optimization 
    Makes your users aware of their consumption and enables them to contribute to how the company uses the software it has bought.
  • Optimize assets
    Lower licensing requirements based upon need. Renegotiate vendor agreements to reduce cost.

That´s software harvesting.

Snow SAM platform enables organizations to automate the removal of unused software discovered by Snow License Manager and reduce the burden on the service desk team from manually processing software requests enabling them to focus on core tasks.

  • Reclaim unused software: running the “Potential software cost savings” report in Snow License Manager identifies which software can be uninstalled.
  • Software recycling: reassign unused licenses by creating a license pool for users to request the software. Snow can place software in quarantine if necessary before being made eligible for reuse.
  • Decommission unused software: make savings on support and maintenance

That´s software harvesting.

  • Optimizes licensing and reduces shelfware
  • Cost avoidance on buying new software
  • Savings on unnecessary support and maintenance

A Software Asset Management solution can give you immediate visibility of unused applications and calculate your exposure. With Snow’s SAM platform you can reclaim this software and make immediate savings and establish a license pool to reuse applications. Also, you can remove an application entirely and stop paying support and maintenance. Either way you are set to make substantial savings with software reclaim.

* How to Recycle Licenses to Optimize Software Costs. 10 March 2015 Analyst(s): Victoria Barber | Stewart Buchanan



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